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Questions about so-and-so brand electric sprayer pump leaking

2013/11/23      view:

In view of the customer with a certain brand of electric spray pump water leakage problem, put forward the following answer advice:

1, pump head water leakage, damage due to diaphragm, pump head water leakage, replacement of the diaphragm in time (if the imported diaphragm material appear this kind of problem will not).

2, because the pump head screw from sliding, pump head leakage, screwpump head screws (if there is no such problems using imported materials).

3, pump head no suction, the pump head bracket is so worn, replace it (ifimported stent materials appear this kind of problem is not).

Note: water never adopted by the company in the above quality problems, I plant pumps are imported (warranty for two years). This is the other manufacturers problems, help customers solve problems understanding the quality!