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16 l - 8 ah speed electric sprayer

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  • Brand:    Ordinary people
  • Type:    LBX-16L-8AH
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Container capacity: 16L

Color: green white, red and white

Battery: 12V8AH

Diaphragm pump: high voltage intelligent reflux

Diaphragm pump pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

Motor power: 40W

Motor speed: 3000-3300r/m

Charger: intelligent three section type pulse (reverse charging protectiondevice)

Intelligent Governor:

Working time: 8-10 hours

Pesticide barrels: conservative 35 buckets of water over

Packing size: 373*192*527mm

Cheng County Meiya Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Hebei Province, Handan City, the Yanzhao ancient capital, logistics transport; main products are electric sprayer, spray, pesticide sprayer, agricultural sprayer,high pressure sprayer, sprayer, electric fertilizing device series products. As a manufacturer, we have a strong sales team, have been sold to Hebei, Henan,Shandong, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, Sichuan,Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Xinjiang and other 20 provinces, city,autonomous region, annual sales amounted to more than 10 taiwan. "The people" brand electric sprayer, reliable quality, stable performance,agricultural implements user assured (plant). We will be quality products,reasonable price, to open up the domestic market.

Scope of application: suitable for wheat, corn, cotton, rice, fruit trees,greenhouses, grapes, tea, flowers, horticultural crops. Disinfection units.

Product features: electric sprayer is maintenance free lead-acid battery driven pump to work. Convenient to use. Turn on the power switch and the handle switch can work. Hand pressure sprayer with double spray nozzle and 3/4compared to 8 minutes can be a bucket of water. Pressure up to about 6KG.Saving 3/4

The atomization effect up to 2.5 cubic meters. The efficacy of doubled.Charging for 6 hours at a time, can be more than 8 hours of continuous work.Electricity cost only 8 cents, close to the same petrol engine workingefficiency. Is the cost of gasoline 1/200.

Product performance:

1, the electric bicycle battery: maintenance free batteries, long service life,used properly, can be used for more than 5 years.

2: selection of electric bicycle charger, charger. Features: use three stage charging pulse frequency switch, precision is high, can effectively improve the service life of the battery overcharge, short circuit; with automatic protection function; can be automatically repaired discharge battery or unused battery.

3, the use of ultra high pressure diaphragm pump: over pressure backflow of diaphragm pump. Pressure can reach 6Kg (common sprayer pressure only 1-1.5Kg); low power consumption, only about 1.5A. Turn on the electric switch,open the switch solution, start work, close the liquid switch, pump automaticdecompression refluxing liquid; another switch, automatically boost pump, the proper use of the pump life of more than 5 years.

4, the liquid barrel: are the use of pure new import material injection molding,weighs 1650 grams, with water capacity of 16 liters, the bottom of the barrelinside the device to drive the center of electric sprayer (diaphragm pumpstorage battery, power switch) barrel bottom to surface electric sprayer and the charging socket, the pure new cover polypropylene injection molding materials, through the test with water is dropped from a height of 10 meters,the barrel body without damage, barrel intact.

Matters needing attention:

Charge 1, immediately after purchase, the battery is full. Because the battery factory only a portion of electricity, fully before use. Because the charger withovercharge protection with automatic power outages, not forget to cut offpower supply for a long time and damage battery.

2, the use of the machines must be dedicated charger, connected with a 220Vpower supply. The charger light, that is charging. The charger green light,completed basic charge, but at the moment the electricity is virtual, need tocharge 1-2 hours can be really full.

3, if the spray long time without (Yao), generally three to six months on a single battery charge, ensure no loss battery power, this can extend battery life.

4, the use of clean water, add solution must use special filters the machine is equipped with the.

5, no unit immersed in water or water rinse.

6, a day after application, you must use a water spray a few minutes, the liquidparticle cleaning water retention.

Random accessories: charger: 1 (12V); handle: 2; head: 5; strap: 1 pay; hose:1; specification: 1; respirator: a warranty card: a card.

Warranty: battery, charger, water pump: warranty period of 2 years (24 months) according to the date of sale two years of memory in the quality problems, free exchange update, life-long warranty.

Battery: the overcharge (using other charger may cause overcharge) caused by the use of time is shortened or damaged, not responsible for replacement;

Charger: due to damage, or dampness or attachment causes short circuit, notresponsible for replacement;

Diaphragm: due to external forces, soaking, liquid impurities or other debris(such as stones, thread, plastic etc.) damage and other reasons, notresponsible for replacement.

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